Svala started out of necessity in the 1940’s in the post second world war period when the women of the Svala family made work clothes from fabrics cut from second-hand army mantles. In the 50’s as the economy in Finland improved second-hand fabrics were quickly replaced by higher quality fabrics and the production developed. In 1955 Svala became an official company and by the 70s Svala was know as the specialist in merino underwear. As the market grew internationally the company was renamed Finnsvala to emphasise its Finnish origins.

As part of rebranding Finnsvala, the name was changed back to the original family name Svala, a swallow in Swedish. To enhance the meaning of the name, a swallow symbol was added to the otherwise simplified and geometric logo. The black and white visual identity was designed as a contrast to the colourful outdoor imagery. The chosen brand imagery with professional outdoor enthusiast support the high performance quality products.

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