Valta is a print design studio founded by surface designer Tanja Valta in Helsinki, Finland. Valta approaches design from a Scandinavian perspective, with a style that ranges from clean minimalism to rough ink-works and colourful florals.

We created a visual identity to suit Valta’s Scandinavian practise: a clean, simple and timeless logotype combined with a black and white aesthetic to give room for the bold and playful patterns which are often rich in colour.To display the diversity of Valta’s print designs, we art directed new brand photos to show how the patterns come to life in both clothing and interiors.

A big part of the brand identity is Valta’s website. We developed a site that features the breadth of Valta’s work – from florals to geometric lines. Brand imagery together with the original hand-drawn patterns create one strong and clear ensemble, on which the whole website is based.

In other brand materials, like look-books and business cards, we were challenged with how to show the diversity and multitude of prints while not showcasing one design above another. We came up with the visual solution of keeping the materials all white with a pattern either embossed or varnished on the surface, adding a tactile dimension to the patterns.

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